Sensible Sustainability

As the world’s largest real estate services firm, CBRE is in the unique position to provide environmental leadership in the properties we manage. To embrace this responsibility, we have established “Sensible Sustainability,” a program that balances environmental concerns with cost-effective business solutions.  Utilizing a systematic approach, our dedicated team focuses on fact-based outcomes that lessen environmental impact and generate immediate results with long-term financial benefits.  CBRE, in partnership with Principal Real Estate Investors, LLC, is committed to delivering a program for clients, tenants and employees, encompassing Energy and Water Efficiency, Resource Conservation, Indoor Environment, Site and Building Ecology, as well as Training and Communications.


The Ride Arrangers - a program of the Denver Regional Council of Governments — rescue commuters from daily driving dilemmas by helping them find great money-saving alternatives to driving alone. By joining forces with The RideArrangers, you can enjoy a commute that is calm, comfortable and less costly.

Carpool matching assistance: We can provide you with a free matchlist of carpool partners who live and work near you, so you can share the ride and the cost of commuting 

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E-Waste Recycling

GRX  GRX has been in the electronics recycling business since 1999. We recognize that the role of electronics in our lives is increasing every day, and with that, a need for its proper disposal. We pride ourselves on being a responsible recycler of electronics that have reached the end of their useful life.

Beginning April 1, GRX will also install an electronic waste collection tote in the loading dock area that tenants can use on an ongoing basis.  Any electronic waste can de deposited in the container for recycling as well as batteries and toner cartridges.  Please note that the containers are not secure, so it is meant for non-data containing devices.  If you need certified hard drive destruction or if you will be recycling a large quantity of material, please contact GRX directly at 720-377-7700 for More Info on E-Waste Recycling


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